5 Ways to Achieve Worry Free Technology Now

By Nina Johnson, Chief Business Officer of Singularity, LLC and proud Chamber Member

Everyone uses technology.  For business owners, it is imperative that the systems in place work every time without fail.  It can mean the difference between landing the new client or losing one.  There are 5 steps that you can take to enable worry free technology and keep your business moving in the right direction.

#1 Antivirus Software

You must have antivirus software installed, updated, and running at all times.  This is your first line of defense to ensure fewer issues with your hardware and software.  An enterprise solution should be considered, as it is more robust and designed for networks as well as individual computers.  To be certain you have the latest updates for your antivirus solution, an automated update can be designed to run when it is most convenient for you.

#2 Data and System Back-up

Back-up of your systems and data is like an insurance policy against failures.  This is your secondary defense in the event that something nasty slips past the antivirus software.  If your data is not backed-up regularly you may lose significant amounts of information and work.  Recovery of the data may be costly or even impossible depending upon the extent of the damage.  Back-up ensures you will be up and running again with minimal disruption.

#3 Remote Monitoring and Management

Your preventative measures are more important than your reactive measures to ensure worry free technology.  Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) is a way for a service provider to be sure you are using your systems in the most efficient manner and allows them to be notified if there is an impending incident.  Another important aspect is remote access.  This allows your service provider to address issues as they arise and resolve them with minimal disruption to your business activities.

#4 Security Policy

What types of websites will be available to your employees?  Will they be able to use their personal technology devices?  How can your data be transported safely?  These and other questions need to be addressed with your security policy.  Your security policy should also consider contingency plans if hardware or data is stolen.

#5 Strategic Planning

Planning for your business technology should be an integral part of your business strategy.  Planning for technology can ensure that as your business grows, your systems can scale painlessly with you.  Advanced technology planning can ensure that your hardware and software is up to date and allow for strategic purchasing when the time comes that your systems are no longer supported by the supplier.  This type of planning means the difference between purchasing 5 new computers each quarter for 18 months, rather than purchasing 30 computers at once!

As technology changes rapidly, so do the methods for ensuring reliable systems in your business.  There are advancements such as antivirus software that also performs the remote monitoring and management.  Even more advanced back-up will be virtualization of your computer, ensuring minimal downtime.  When all five of these technology systems are in place and with people to oversee your business computers and networks, you can be sure you are on the right track to worry free technology!

For further information about this and other technology topics, please visit www.facebook.com/SingularityPC

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