President’s Report: Our Members Have Spoken!

Proactive, vibrant, great, growing…are just some of the adjectives our members used in describing the Hudson County Chamber of Commerce as they responded to our recent Membership Survey this past summer.  Here at the Chamber we were very pleased with both the level of participation in the survey and the responses.

In all, 91 representatives from among our more than 300 members provided anonymous feedback through our first-ever, online survey. Some key highlights:

A graphic interpretation of the feedback our members provided.  The larger a word, the more often is was given in the feedback!
A graphic interpretation of the feedback our members provided. The larger a word, the more often it was given in the feedback! Wordle by Joy Stephan, Change the Conversation.
  • 95% of the survey takers agreed or strongly agreed that their membership has been or will be renewed in the coming year,
  • 70% agreed or strongly agreed that their membership has been helpful,
  • 77% agreed or strongly agreed that the Hudson Chamber offered high quality programs over the last year, and
  • 84% are likely or highly likely to recommend the Hudson Chamber to a friend.

A diverse cross-section of our members responded to the survey and they let us know that their primary reasons for joining the Chamber are (1) networking, (2) affiliating their business with the Chamber generally, (3) opportunities to market and advertise their business, (4) the advocacy the Chamber provides on behalf of business and (5) critical business communication.  We also learned that 50% of the respondents having been doing business in Hudson for 25 years or more and that 67% are headquartered in Hudson while 92% also operate in Jersey City.  An additional 18% operate in Hoboken, Bayonne and/or Union City. The vast majority of the respondents, 45%, have between 2 and 19 employees but size ran the gamut from 1 employee to more than 500.

While we are pleased to learn that our members feel the Chamber is dynamic and diverse—at least one respondent told us “You are doing a great job”—I know there’s more we can do to help our members grow their business and the survey provided some food for thought.  To that end, the following are a few examples of the types of suggestions we received that we will be seriously considering:

  • Help change the image of Hudson County to the world at large
  • Lead and promote workforce development issues”
  • Offering job fairs to the community at large
  • Work with small business owners to grow their business
  • Opening up board and committee seats

Thank you to all who took time to respond to our survey. Your membership and time are invaluable to us and we value all of the feedback that our members provided. In the months and weeks to come, the Chamber’s leadership will evaluate which of the many suggestions are actionable and align best with the Chamber’s mission to provide our members with resources to grow their business as well as educate them on policies that will impact them while also promoting Hudson County as a great place to do business.  I hope to continue this conversation with all of our Members in 2014.

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