Keeping Hoboken Vital

Hoboken_Chamber_Logo-HighResThe Hoboken Chamber of Commerce has published Keeping Hoboken Vital: White Paper Outlining Issues and Opportunities for the Business Community which makes nearly 20 recommendations for how to improve the overall business climate in Hoboken, streamline the City’s development approval and permitting process, rationalize parking strategies, boost tourism, improve the transportation system, and provide a more comprehensive and predictable framework for development.  The paper urges the City of Hoboken to undertake an inclusive master plan outreach process with the business community as a meaningful stakeholder.

Front Page of Report

The Hoboken Chamber, realizing both the opportunities and the challenges of doing business in Hoboken commissioned the white paper to study how to improve business conditions and make recommendations. The Chamber retained Phillips Preiss Grygiel LLC to prepare the white paper, which also sets out recommendations for Hoboken’s Master Plan examination.  The white paper offers guidance to the community and elected officials on how the city’s code, regulations and offices can be modernized in such a way to promote growth, vibrancy and ease of use for the whole of the Hoboken business community.

“The white paper represents the culmination of a comprehensive process between Paul Grygiel, the Hoboken Chamber Board, chamber membership, as well as members of the business community.  Significant though it is, the white paper is just a first step in what the Chamber hopes is a collaborative journey between the business community, elected and appointed officials, and the whole of Hoboken, leading to a vibrant, bustling and accommodating business climate. When Hoboken’s business community prospers and thrives the whole of Hoboken shines brighter,” said Richard Mackiewicz, President of the Hoboken Chamber Board.

Mr. Paul Grygiel of Phillips Preiss Grygiel LLC spearheaded the project for the firm.  He specializes in comprehensive and neighborhood planning, zoning analysis and expert witness testimony, and has prepared master plans and redevelopment plans for numerous municipalities. Mr. Grygiel worked with the Chamber to gather input for the white paper which included Chamber roundtable meetings with its members as well as the public, a meeting with the Chamber’s Board of Directors and a survey of the business community.

Keeping Hoboken Vital is available online and will be distributed to members of the Hoboken Chamber, members of the business and elected and public officials during the month of February and promoted through the Hoboken Chamber Facebook page.

The Hoboken Chamber of Commerce represents nearly 200 members, facilitates forums with local, officials, and provides a platform for business networking and partnerships.


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